We live in an omnichannel world – today, we’re just as likely to buy online as we are in-store, as we search online, use smartphones and call helplines and browse in-store.

Brands and retailers need to deliver a seamless customer experience across every touch point. In this always-on world, packaging too has to be as much about the digital as it is physical.

We ensure the same product data is easily accessible on-pack, in-store, online, on promotional materials and beyond, through our unique Odin platform, our augmented reality (AR) and mobile marketing tools.

Our digital specialists bring together solutions that create a consistent product experience no matter which channel consumers use. Our clients’ investment in their brand and packaging design doesn’t end when the artwork files go to the printer; that is just the beginning.

We give brands and retailers control and consistency in their brand image and message - regardless of the sales channel.

It’s not easy to maintain one-on-one engagement with the consumer in an industry where every channel matters. We understand the vital role packaging has to play in bringing brands and consumers together, and that its digital footprint is just as important as the product on the shelf.