Why we’re brighter together

At the heart of Sun Branding Solutions is a team of brand and packaging experts, drawn from five different specialisms but with one shared focus; creating the very brightest ideas for brands.

Each team, whether it’s strategic design, pack science, graphics, legal or digital, is brilliant in its own right, and you can work with one, two, or as many as you need to get your big idea off the drawing board and into your customer’s shopping basket.

But it’s when the teams come together that we’re at our very brightest. 

Our experts’ combined experience and insight, gathered from many years working with big name brands and retailers, is what shapes the way we work - with our clients and with each other.

Because even if one specialism isn’t directly working on your project, their insight and knowledge of your market has gone in to shaping what we deliver, and how. That means more creativity, more innovation and more for your money.

We’re really proud to be able to say that each of our specialisms is part of our family, providing a complete service that’s unique to us. Our experts are brighter together, and with them on your side, your brand will shine brighter too.

What we do