About us

Sun Branding Solutions is built on what our clients need, now and in the future. We draw on a combination of decades working with big name brands and retailers, plus strong commercial and market insight, to continually innovate, helping our clients achieve their goals. We’ve brought the brightest brains in creative, pack science, graphics, legal and digital into our family over the years to create an end-to-end service we don’t believe you can get anywhere else.

We’ve got a long history of innovation and have been constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients and markets, ever since we opened as Gilchrist Brothers in 1893.

We launched the first ever digital artwork studio in 1984, introduced Apple Macs in 1993, had the first ever colour scanner, produced the first ever piece of digital artwork and were the first company of our type to introduce a dedicated creative design studio in 1998.

We moved firmly into packaging in 1993, taking on TetraPak as our first packaging design client. We launched Asda’s Chosen by You brand – the biggest own label launch ever – and we’ve worked with Asda for ever since.

Legal joined us in 2000 to work with Asda and now work with a wide range of clients. We added pack science and Parker Williams to our offer in a response to a change in retailer behaviour – as own label grew in response to the rise of the discounters, our clients wanted a more complete offer from us.

We were bought by Sun Chemical in 2006 (who are in turn, part of DiC), becoming part of the biggest graphic arts businesses in the world. We changed our name to Sun Branding Solutions in 2008 to reflect this relationship.

We’ve spent the last 18 months planning for our next chapter, making internal changes that will ensure we meet our strategic goals over the next five years and which put creativity at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve recently strengthened our creative offer, with the opening of our Parker Williams studio in the north and most recently in the US in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve added to the already strong leadership team with strong creative, retail, brand and people experience.

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We’ve restructured our teams and recruited more creative-led account managers across all of our account teams to support our creative and graphics teams and our clients’ teams in managing creative feedback and output more effectively.

We’ve created Sunrise – a smart product management system that can handle everything from asset management to artwork approval and video annotation, based on all the things we’ve learned from working with big brands and retailers.

And now, more than ever, we’re utilising all our teams many years of experience working with brands and retailers to create a joined up offer that gives our clients everything they need to take their big idea off the drawing board and get it in to their customer’s shopping basket in one seamless service, all under one roof.

Who we work with

We’re really lucky to have worked with some of the biggest names in retail and FMCG. Here are just some of the clients we’re proud to have supported.

Where we are


We have offices across the UK, India and the US, employing more than 350 people. And, because we’re part of Sun Chemical, which has offices in 240 locations, we can set up wherever you need us to be in a matter of weeks.

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