Creating a clear brand hierarchy for a world-famous football club

One of the world’s most famous football clubs was struggling to create clear differentiation between its various tiers of club merchandise. Our creative and pack science teams stepped in to create clear tiering, consolidate print suppliers and bring the club’s history to life.

The challenge

The club was struggling to illustrate the difference in quality and price point across its wide range of merchandise. Numerous packaging and print suppliers meant there was now clear brand hierarchy, and fans were struggling to understand why they were paying more for one product versus another.

What we did

First, we researched the history and heritage of the club to ensure the packaging had true relevance and fitted with the club’s DNA. We analysed many elements of the club, it’s home city and competitors to identify key themes to influence visual equities and design concepts.

We then looked at packaging format and materials for good, better, retro, best and signature (luxurious gifting) tiers to create clear water between each.

Starting at the entry level product (Good) the design and structure were kept clean and simple with appropriate selection of colour and material even down to the kimble attachment. As the tiers progressed, the level of detail, colour ratio and substrates reflected the elevated level of quality and respective retail price of the products. The top tier (signature) encapsulating the total gifting experience; this included tailored neck labels, embellished swing tags, matt finish labels, branded tissue paper and luxurious soft touch gift boxes.

What we delivered

A clearer brand hierarchy which made it easier for the customer to understand the pricing structure, plus a marked increase in sales.