Bringing The Chia Co. brand to life within the letter of the law

When it comes to food labelling, the UK can be tough compared to other countries. So when The Chia Seed Company planned to bring their brand over from Australia, they needed sound legal advice that ticked all the regulatory boxes, but didn’t lose the essence of their brand personality.

The challenge

The Chia Company were a relatively small brand introducing a new food product to the UK after an initial launch in Australia. The range had been taken up by John Lewis, so the pressure was on to retain the brand personality of the product on sale in Australia, while ensuring all claims were compliant to protect the brand’s – and their major retail partner’s – reputation.

Australian health claims are a lot more expressive than the EU allows – from increasing energy levels to controlling diabetes - so we worked with the brand to retain the impact while complying with EU legislation.

What we did

Chia called on our expert legal team to help them bring their health claims in line. Our legal team checked the claims on the Australian packs against EU legislation and advised Chia on how to ensure they were compliant, while still retaining the brand’s personality and point of difference.

Fully compliant,
creative copy

10 Product lines landed on time

Strong brand

What we delivered

Chia’s range of 10 products landed on time, with fully compliant on-pack copy. The range is now available in Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Boots, as well as John Lewis, and the brand have launched a number of NPD lines.