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In an ever-changing world, it’s not enough to keep up with new technology; you need to stay ahead. Our digital team are always looking for ways to harness new developments to our – and our clients – advantage, to constantly improve what we do and how. 

Smarter ways to get your product in store, online and wherever you need it to be

Managing your new product launch can be complicated, and our digital team know exactly how to make your life easier. Using data insights gathered from dozens of projects, we create powerful digital tools that can help you work smarter at every stage of the process.

Sunrise was made to get your product to market quicker, smarter and more easily, and features lots of clever features that will take the pressure off your people and processes. It collates all your assets and information about your project in one easy to access place, and can turn data into powerful insights to help you worker smarter in future. 

Created based on what our clients told us they need – and the challenges we know they face – Sunrise is an artwork management, asset management and project management tool all rolled into one. We use a mix of industry insight, technical wizardry and forward-thinking to predict, harness and develop the best solutions for brands and retailers. And it’s this varied insight that inspired us to create Sunrise – the smartest product, artwork and digital asset management software around.

When we’re not developing state-of-the-art artwork approval software, we’re exploring the latest technologies to test how the latest advances can enhance and improve our clients’ – and their customers’ – experiences. We explore how technologies such as 3D printing, augmented reality and holographic imaging could enhance creativity, cut costs and improve speed to market.

Data driven

Because we work with retailers and brands day in, day out, we’ve got a wealth of data to draw on. We take that data, drill down into it and create solutions based on real life scenarios that we know matter to our clients. Then all of that’s built in to how your software works.

Smart product management

Sunrise can take your latest artwork and extract the text so the product information you display online matches exactly what’s on your packaging on shelf. Or, you could use text extraction to update your internal systems to show exactly what’s displayed on pack.

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Always looking forward

We’ve always got one eye on the future and are always thinking how new technological developments could be harnessed to help our clients. For example, we’ve recently invested in two Hololens headsets to look at how we can bring packaging to life in 3D before it exists in physical form.

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