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At Sun Branding, we know the power of great graphics. Mainly because that’s where we started out, back in 1893. Over the years, we’ve grown to have the largest team of graphics experts in any one business, in the UK, Europe and North America, delivering thousands of pieces of artwork and dealing with all kinds of repro challenges to protect your brand identity. 

Spot on artwork that’s always bang on brand

We know what packaging needs to deliver and we know the pitfalls many retailers can face in the in-store environment, which can make packaging less impactful.

Different substrates and ink types, and multiple printers across the world… we’ve managed it through, and more, thousands of times.

We know how to take beautiful designs and bring them to life in 3D, and we act as brand guardians so your brand is clear and consistent, however it appears, wherever it’s sold across the world.

We can deal with all your artwork and repro, making sure every element is in place so your packaging and design proof is 100 per cent perfect, every time.

We do it quickly and efficiently too. In the last two years we’ve processed nearly 50,000 pieces of artwork for two of our retail clients alone, alongside all the other brands we work with.

And just because we’re good at what we do, doesn’t mean we don’t want to be better.

A big part of our day to day work is looking at business improvement, constantly analysing our systems and processes to make sure we’re working in the best way possible to deliver the best for you.

Colour consistency

We know how important colour is to a brand’s identity, so we monitor and manage it right from the very start of any project. Using cloud technology to analyse and store your brand colours, we can ensure colour consistency across ranges, pack formats and substrates, ensuring consistency whatever the pack format, and wherever your product’s sold in the world.

3D application

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise what a 2D packaging artwork will look like when it’s made up in to a 3D pack. So our artwork operators use a clever 3D application that turns flat artwork into a 3D image, which updates in real time as artwork amends are made. This ensures that every surface of the pack is working as hard as it can once the product’s on shelf.

Printing quality control

We know that when you’re dealing with printed text, errors can creep in on their way to artwork. That’s why our graphics team use industry-leading, pharmaceutical compliant content checking software for quality control at every stage of the process. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of artwork recalls due to text errors.

Innovation for speed to market

As consumers become more demanding, our clients are always looking for ways to improve their speed to market, which means that we are too. We constantly review our processes, resources and technologies to deliver the best service and end product in the most efficient way possible, without ever compromising on quality. We employ creative artworkers to ensure seamless handover from design to production and use our own software Sunrise for artwork automation and to mine data that allows us to continually improve our processes.

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