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Advising on everything from packaging innovations, structure, materials and sustainability, our team create packaging that protects your product, wows your customer and builds your brand. We can help you save weight, save money and choose packaging that helps your product shine in a crowded market. 

Adding new dimensions to brand design

Because we’re part of the Sun Chemical family, we can draw on their innovative print technologies like temperature sensitive or textured ink to create packaging that makes your product really stand out from the crowd.

Have a sustainability policy but not sure how to apply it to your packaging? We’ll look at your policy and work out how packaging can help you to achieve your goals, from using more recycled material, making packs more recyclable or reducing pack weight to reduce the pressures on shipping.

We’re also able to save you money, because we’re not linked to any particular printer.

That means we can go out and source the best deals and the best solutions for your design and your product.

We’ll find you the most innovative packaging solutions, working with our in-house design team to bring your brand to life on shelf, ensuring those beautiful creative ideas are never compromised, and are actually enhanced, by how a pack is built.

Innovative packaging

Because we’re part of the Sun Chemical family, we can tap in to their clever technologies to help bring your brand to life. From temperature sensitive inks that can show when your product’s just the right temperature to eat, to textured finishes that help your product stand out on shelf, we’ve got lots of clever tools to help you see packaging in a new light.

The future of pack design

Unlike a lot of companies, we aren’t affiliated to any particular printer, so we can go out into the market and find the best solution for your project at the best price. We’ve got loads of strong relationships with suppliers and lots of experience working across multiple pack formats, so we’re confident we can always create the perfect packaging for you.

Ethically focused

Of course, we love packaging, but we’re also committed to reducing it wherever we can. We’ve supported lots of clients on reducing their packaging to save weight, save cost and create sustainable packaging, as well as introducing recycled and recyclable material wherever possible.

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