Rachel's, the genuine pleasurable taste

The challenge

Rachel's asked us to refresh and evolve their design to better capture the intensely creamy, deliciously fruity taste of their organic, premium yougurts and to bring back the warmth and passion of Rachel herself to strengthen the brand's emotional connection with loyal and new customers.


"Parker Williams did an outstanding job in redesigning the Rachel's pack design. This was out first redesign in five years across. 40 SKUs so this was no mean feat. They grasped the brief and were able to express our positioning of the genuine, most pleasurable taste, with style, class, impact and simplicity, bringing our food values to life. We are very excited about this new work and beginning to see a positive impact in our sales since it hit the shelves."


What we did

Our starting point was a visual equities analysis of Rachel's existing branding in order to determine what was working well and what we should explore to meet the new brief. Retaining the brand's distinctive black and white identity, we used gorgeous, real fruit photography nestled against a creamy yogurt swirl to evoke Rachel's fabulous natural tastes and luxurious textures. Warm, friendly story telling round pack brings back the passion and voice of Rachel herself, building the missing emotional appeal.

We made the shopping experience easier too. Simplifying the communication hierarchy means key product messages are easy to spot while clear colour coding through fonts and updated circle motifs help shoppers find their personal favourites.

Alongside the core range redesign, we developed a mouth watering premium tier offer, making greater use of the equity of black and adding glints of gold to lend an extra touch of indulgence.