What we do

We understand your world and your challenges. We look at your entire packaging lifecycle process, identifying improvements for today and predict requirements to deliver in the future. Taking a holistic approach to brand and packaging creation.

Developing and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions

We are entrepreneurial at heart and continue to drive efficiency and innovation into our own ways of working. We are constantly responding to market drivers and in recent years, we’ve invested in several new locations, including a client office in Bentonville, USA, graphics production sites in Chennai and Bengaluru, and our latest addition our new strategic design studio in Cincinnati, USA.

We will identify improvements for today and predict requirements that you will need to deliver in the future. We challenge and measure our performance, driving efficiencies and improvements to ensure value creation for our clients wherever and whenever you need us.

Sun Strategy

We listen carefully to our clients and partner with them to create a transformative sustainable packaging vision.

We align our packaging strategies to our client’s corporate goals, their values, the equity of their brand, their value chain and the key market drivers for today and tomorrow.  This results in powerful, measurable deliverables and a road-map for the future.

Our independent positioning allows us to offer a truly unbiased approach to design, material  and implementation ensuring you make the right decision for your business, your customers and our planet.

Sun Equity

Our team of graphic artwork, structural, legal and quality experts seek to deliver consistently across your brand equity and optimise your packaging.

Our intention is to transform an unwanted packaging cost into a value driving innovation. Your packaging will look great, increase your sales, enhance the perception of your brand and save you money throughout your value chain.

Our breadth of expertise is a key factor to ensure every pack design is supply chain efficient, commercially understood, environmentally considered and a physical representation of your brand.

Sun Creative

Many agencies promise the world, but we like to think we’re different; from our unique vantage point we take an innovative yet realistic approach to brand and packaging creation delivering fresh ideas and deliverable solutions fit for the future – your future.

Our team of bright thinkers comprises graphic creatives and structural engineers who work in tandem to build a perfect balance of imagery, shape and form. We know how to create smart designs, bring them to life from 2-3D and understand their impact in relation to the needs of your business, your value chain and our environment.

Sun Technology

We understand just how important it is for our clients to have total trust in every stage of the packaging process and in order to offer complete visibility we designed and built our bespoke software solution ‘Sunrise’.

Sunrise models workflows that drive efficiency, track commercial and environmental impact and capture live data. Our stand-alone software is adaptive and has been developed to keep up with the fast-paced, ever changing consumer landscape.