Sun Equity

Our team of graphic artwork, structural, legal and quality experts seek to deliver consistently across your brand equity and optimise your packaging.

Our intention is to transform an unwanted packaging cost into a value driving innovation. Your packaging will look great, increase your sales, enhance the perception of your brand and save you money throughout your value chain.

Our breadth of expertise is a key factor to ensure every pack design is supply chain efficient, commercially understood, environmentally considered and a physical representation of your brand.

Become a value creator

We’ve been working in the graphics industry since 1893 and with global brands and retailers as packaging consultants since 1993. We understand your world and your challenges. From internal teams with different objectives to your savvy consumers who are demanding full transparency. The market has never been tougher. We can help you reposition yourself as a value creator within your business.

Accelerate your growth

We work innovatively with our clients, looking at joint ways to deliver successful partnerships. Understanding corporate objectives, developing road maps for the future and where we can add value. Using our years of knowledge and experience to improve and transform to gain competitor advantage. Implementing process improvements to drive efficiency, improve speed to market and report KPI’s transparently.

Managing and protecting your brand

Whether a sustainability leader or follower, our experience ensures we understand the entire packaging lifecycle process and can work in partnership with you to deliver efficiency at every stage. We can help you understand, measure and report on your environmental impact. Your internal and external customers will be asking for it soon. Be ready.

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