Sun Strategy

Our team align packaging strategies to your corporate goals, values, equity of your brand, value chain and key market drivers for today and tomorrow.  This results in powerful, measurable deliverables and a sustainable packaging vision to accelerate growth. Our independent positioning allows us to offer a truly unbiased approach to design, material and implementation ensuring you make the right decision for your business, your customers and our planet.

Making the right decision

Increased propaganda surrounding packaging has made it more challenging for brands and retailers to make the right decisions without incurring addition costs. 

We understand the commercial realisation of packaging materials and formats plus the impact on your supply chain. We predict global retail and legislative requirements and can guide you through the ever-changing environment to ensure you make the right decisions for your business.

Environmental impact

Whether a sustainability leader or follower, our experience ensures we understand the entire packaging life-cycle process and can work in partnership with you to deliver efficiency at every stage. 

Glass or plastic, recyclable or single-use, the right choice isn’t just based on weight or recyclability but should be based on environmental impact, including carbon measurement. We can help you understand, measure and report on your environmental impact.

Delivering a sustainable packaging vision

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we believe if you can measure it, you can improve. Inefficiency and cost are hidden throughout the entire process and supply chain, we explore all areas to drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve environmental impact. 

We pride ourselves on our master data accuracy and we drive efficiencies at every stage of the packaging process. This delivers transparency, delivering measurable results and a road-map for the future.

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