Smarter packaging and artwork management from concept to launch - and beyond

All-in-one process automation, digital asset storage and artwork approval solution.

Sunrise is the smartest packaging and artwork management software around. It manages your branding project from that first big idea through design, launch and beyond. What's more, everything is stored in the cloud, so your team can work together - wherever they are in the world.

Connect process automation, project management, artwork approvals and digital asset storage with one powerful tool.

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Puts you in control

Sunrise ensures continuous improvement for your business. It gives you the control to drive your own processes so that you can identify any challenges and make the necessary changes and improvements to suit you.

100% transparency

Are your teams frustrated by having to complete duplicate admin tasks, or is your NPD process slowed by the errors this creates, simply because your systems don't talk to each other? Sunrise integrates with your other corporatesystems to allow you to maintain one version of the truth regardlessof which system you are working in.

Comprehensive product data

If you're taking your product online but your product specification isn't up to date, you don't need to input all the data again. Sunrise can take the latest artwork and extract the text so the product information you display online matches exactly what's on your packaging on shelf.

Smartest analytics

Sunrise gives you powerful data insights to help improve your business. All information is visually presented within Microsoft's latest Power BI solution, allowing you to build your own dashboards. Updated in realtime, you can access this on the move with your tablet or smartphone (or even on your Apple Watch!)

And obviously, super-slick artwork approvals

Sunrise reduces average approval times from five days to two, by removing approval loops, ensuring amends are made by the right people and storing them all in one place.

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